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Hello! Gene here to welcome you to my website that I have dedicated to people interested in and currently working from home. I hope the information on my website is useful and what you are looking for. Whether you have an entrepreneurial flair or not I am sure you find it interesting.

What I Like Most About Making Money Online

When I was starting out as a younger person I always heard the same story about get a job, save money, buy a house, etc. probably just like you have. The thoughts of it at first seemed OK and I tried it for a while and found I was quite uncomfortable with the J-O-B thing so I was always looking and coming up with ways to create or produce my own thing.

I liked mechanical work and worked for an independent garage owner and got lots of experience. That started my own little side job of working on other peoples cars and pick up trucks. In addition to that I started a firewood and tree trimming side business with my friend, it went quite well. Learned bass guitar (1978 Fender Precision) and played out on weekends and made money that way. It wasn’t too long before I realized I had some makings of an entrepreneur.

1999 rolled around and I found some ways to make money online just like a lot of others were doing in the affiliate marketing niche. Joining several programs, working with other like-minded people seemed like the way to go. It went a little rough at first but I did make some money and I did lose some money. Between 2003 and 2004 I hit a high spot and made the $700.00 monthly residual and that was all it took for me.

While I managed to keep a day job, I still worked from home doing my online business.

A Lot Of Information To Pass Along

Other people have helped me to figure online marketing and saved me a lot of research if I had to do it all on my own. I’ve had people share their online marketing ventures with me while pointing out how I could learn from their mistakes and at the same time learn what is currently working for them.

Since I am a “helping type of person” anyway I’d like to share what is going on in the online affiliate marketing niche with other like-minded people.

Affiliate marketing done right can reap rewards in ways a job can never do.

Moving Forward To A Better Future

The information being compiled constantly can be used, reviewed, commented on or ignored. My goal is share what is currently working for me and many other like-minded people who are working from their own home.

I hope you will read and learn more about the tools and resources successful affiliates are using everyday.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Gene Butterly

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