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At the 5 minute mark is where you see how "you" get paid on all of the "you's."

Notice the multiplying factor in the Power of 3 video.

Start the no risk free-biz.

Own the entire package and see everything from within your own business account. Leave your wallet put away, you won't need it for this. CTFO has a ton of tools already included. Add your autoresponder and you have a win-win!

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1.) Visit our JOIN web page 'Select Country' then on the next page scroll to the bottom.

2.) Check the button, 'No thanks, I'm not interested in purchasing at this time.' (Check this box if you would like to sign up without a purchase.) and then again on the following page, scroll to the bottom again.

3.) This next page, the final page, simply fill in the boxes. Be sure to check the box labeled, 'I agree to receive our periodic email newsletter, You may unsubscribe at any time'. And there you have it where you can see and access virtually everything.

If you have any questions about this information, email me back. You have my email addy and skype username. I can help you set this type of marketing system up for your current program(s) as well, whether you join us at CTFO or LATW or  otherwise.